Drivers age: The drivers age must be between 23-75.
Drivers licence: Driver has to hold a valid driver license for at least 2 years
All nationalities driving licenses (Russian, Israel, etc.) are accepted.
Ferrying the car: It is not permitted.
Cancellation: You can cancel your reservation for free by contacting us. We strongly suggest to notify our office at least 2 days before pickup date.

INSURANCE: Insurance policies solely and exclusively cover the case of accidents. Effectiveness of the insurance policy is conditional on the appropriate use of the vehicle as well as upon the vehicle being driven in conformity with the internationally applicable rules of motorized vehicle operation and no less upon the Lessee observing each one and all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Third-party liability coverage is provided for all RHODES RIDER RENT A CAR motorized vehicles.

There will be no insurance coverage for cars loaded on ships, trains etc. or stationed in areas not formally designated as public parking lots. Insurance coverage becomes ineffective in case of unconventional or reckless use of the vehicle or in the event of the vehicle being driven on non-tarmacked roads or within non-tarmacked parking lots. 

FULL INSURANCE: Our insurance covers any damages to the car with an excess of only 150 euros. This means that our customers will never pay more than 150 euros for damages, regardless of the extent of the damage to the vehicle. In case of an accident: The Lessee is required to immediately notify the company so that an inspection may be conducted promptly by the police, the insurer’s agent, or by an officer of RHODES RIDER RENT A CAR. If the vehicle is removed from the accident site before the on-site inspection, the Lessee forfeits any insurance benefits.

Additionally, loss or damages of the keys, damages of tyres, interior of the vehicle or underneath are not covered by any insurance.”

Fuel policy: Our fuel policy requires you to return your rented car with the same amount of fuel you picked it up with. No refund offered in case you return it with more fuel than the amount of fuel you picked it ip with.

Privacy Policy: Please refer to privacy policy page.

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